Wednesday, May 12, 2010

IMDB page is up.

Yes! We now have an IMDB page. The sad news is is that when I entered in all the cast and crew information with 'Withoutabox' for the Toronto International Film Festival application I assumed all the information would be forwarded to IMDB when the page was created. I was wrong. So I have to re-enter everything and we won't see results for at least a week or more. That being said it's all in the works and that's a good thing. Again if anybody sees any errors on my part let me know and I'll deal with it as quickly as I can.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another long overdue update

Well, after many fun and challenging days of shooting (and re-shooting) and untold hours of editing the project has been compiled to the point that we can start considering the film festival circuit. It's still in what's termed a rough cut stage with a bit more work to do but it's in a much more snappy and presentable state than the overlong first rough cut.
Music rights are in the works with 'Jets Overhead' and I'm still working on the 'Heartache People' song with Warner/Chappell. Michael Goudge (the fine actor who played Isaac) is also on board to provide songs from his next CD from his band 'The Amortals'. I'll soon provide a link to their Myspace page.
First entry on the festival circuit is The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Yup, the big one here in North America. Fingers are crossed big time on this one. The extra bonus of even entering TIFF is that 'Nighthawks' will be granted it's own page on IMDB. Can't wait! When it's up and running please inform me if you see any mistakes I might have made in the cast and crew entries. I have to admit to a bit of scrambling and late nights for the last couple of days so I might have made some errors.
I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank everybody again for participating in 'Nighthawks'. It was a great pleasure meeting and working with all of you and I hope you please keep in touch. For now I wish each and everyone of you the greatest level of success and good fortune in the years to come.