Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Non Union Casting Call:

Nighthawks – Independent Feature Film

Written & Directed By: Art Messenger

Produced By: Robyn Unwin, Melissa de Haan, Jordan Clark


FRIDAY JULY 24th, 2009 5PM-10PM &

SATURDAY JULY 25th, 2009 9AM-4PM


Cinevic Society of Independent Filmmakers
2202 Douglas St
Victoria BC

The following is a call for the upcoming project entitled "Nighthawks" which is the story of Lee, a returning Afghan vet who, after returning to his rural home, makes the decision to pursue his artistic hopes in the city. Guided by a childhood friend Lee comes to the city and soon meets fellow artistic bohemians who share the same hopes and aspirations he does all the while dealing with the realities of living in the hard world of urban street life; a world fraught with drugs, violence and emotional pitfalls. Lee's experiences of dealing with the homeless, the addicted and the disenfranchised lead him to better understand the world around him, his art and, most importantly, himself


Gender/ Age



Male 25-35

Both mischievous and irreverent Dylan is still capable of insight and thoughtfulness. Lee's best friend since childhood. 



Female 20-30

Somewhat hard around the edges Sam is a woman used to a certain amount freedom and has no problem 'calling 'em as she sees 'em'.



Female 20-30

Carm has an exotic flair who, like Sam, prefers to call her own shots but generally has a more gentle demeanor. Sam's closest friend.



Female 35-45

Barbara is a local gallery owner who's interest in the arts almost matches her 'cougarish' nature. Outwardly confident and chic she's most comfortable when she 'lets her hair down'.



Male 25-35

Isaac is the local tough guy who has his hand in drugs, prostitution etc. Isaac's ambitions to climb the crime ladder leads to confrontations with Lee and his friends.



Male 55-65

Tom is Lee's father. A rugged hardworking country man with a wry sense of humour.



Male 20-30

Lee's brother. Pete is somewhat more stoic than Lee with a more 'common sense' approach to life.



Female 20-30

Young and beautiful Stacy is the love Lee leaves behind. Feisty and usually good humoured Stacy has a bit of a rough and tumble aspect to her.



Male 20-25

Lee's younger brother. Kyle has an adventurous streak and has been known to get in trouble on a few occasions. 



Male 35+Chris has been living on the streets for some time. There is a certain sageness and gentleness that belies what we might perceive would be the case considering how hard life must be for him.         

Please book your time through jclark@highbanks.ca 

You may also show up during the times specified – we will get you in as soon as possible. 

Sides will be provided beforehand for confirmed appointments and also at the casting sessions.

For more information please visit www.nighthawksonline.blogspot.com

Thank you.

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