Monday, May 18, 2009

Dusting off the blog

Catching up time. Have spent far too much time researching the marketing aspects of the project. Everything that's turned up and all the advice I've been generously endowed with is that the only thing that should be concentrated on at this moment is the feature length pilot idea. So here's the game plan. I 'sew' together the script that's circulating out there at the moment with content I have already written for future episodes as well as writing what would have been termed 'The Beginning'. That was already in the process of being written so no problems there. I still plan to start shooting in early July but there may be a little hitch in that as I have kind of gambled on the release date of a particular camera which is being produced in frighteningly low numbers. I've pre-ordered it some time ago but that doesn't insure anything. Competition to get one of these is the camera geeks equivalent to a 3 for 1 bra sale at Walmart. Not pretty. This project will be one of the first feature films shot on this kind of camera which is and looks like a simple DSLR, I kid you not.

Other news: I 'm pleased to announce that Ana de Lara has graciously announced that she'd love to help out with the casting process. Within a 1/2 hour of saying 'yes' she had already worked out one of the problems I'd been having for some time. Thanks Ana. With Ana on board we can really begin the casting process in earnest while I take care of the writing and more of that nasty paperwork. 

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