Friday, May 29, 2009

Scheduling change

Seems that due to a couple of circumstances I'm going to have to push back my scheduled start date of early July to probably the end of July at the earliest. First reason is the decision to use a new camera whose low production numbers and unanticipated popularity has made it a very hard to get item. I've pre-ordered two and I know for sure I'm getting one which is good but I won't get my hands on it until the beginning of July and our DOP, Dan Carruthers, and I are going to have to spend time getting to know the thing inside and out. The plus of this is that we may very well be the first to put out a feature with such a camera which will help marketing the film that much easier.
The other reason is that my friend and colleague, Jim Knox, is shooting a feature in June and finishing on July 1. This didn't at first seem to conflict with my project and I'm even co-producing on his but what's come to light is that key personnel that are working on Jim's will not have the time for pre-production planning on mine. This includes Dan and his crew and Art Dept. people. amongst others, hence my decision to push things back a few weeks. I'll certainly let you know how things are going.    

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