Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Story Lines

The project is intended to be an episodic drama and as of this date there are 12 different scripts plus a feature length pilot episode at various stages of completion. I won't post the synopses of any of them on this blog but will, instead, e-mail them out when the time's appropriate. In the meantime I thought I could throw out a couple of the more colourful titles I've tentatively come up with for some of the episodes: ""Dylan, Doris & a Doobie", "Poor Chaquita", "Death of Freddie", "Mitzi a L'orange", "George the John and Young Margaret" amongst others. As strange as the titles may appear many of the stories are based on true events. There's one or two thrown in that are pure fiction. Maybe we could do a poll once I release the scripts to see which is which. The important thing for now is the completion of the aforementioned short which was, regrettably, an idea that has come a little later than it should have.  

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